We’re partnering with 200 marketing agencies to help them crush their growth goals by using the #1 secret weapon for agency sales.

... and we're handing them HIGHLY QUALIFIED LEADS and opportunities every week!

You can have a steady flow of profitable clients that are a PERFECT FIT for YOUR marketing agency; all without networking, cold calling or spending thousands of dollars on ads.

From Jeremy Laidlaw
(Co-Founder of Puddding.com)
Toronto, Canada

Dear Marketing Agency Owner,

Hey, my name is Jeremy Laidlaw, and I'm here today because I want to invite you to join our “VIP PARTNER PROGRAM”.

Here’s the deal.

For the last 6 years we have successfully run our marketing brokerage where we use AI to connect brands and businesses with expert agencies.

We’ve brokered tens of millions in marketing budgets, working with HUGE companies and small ones too;
Our website properties like Top50Adagencies.com, Puddding.com & AgencyStories.com receive thousands of monthly visitors;

And we’ve grown our agency network to over 10,000 amazing agencies.

But… despite all of the success and positive momentum - we want more.

We know that we could be serving marketing agencies (like yours) at an even higher level; and we’re super hungry to do just that!

So… after a lot of strategy meetings and a little bit of soul searching, myself and the team at Puddding have decided to finish off the year with a BIG change…

Ready for it?

Here it is...

Rather than providing 10,000+ agencies with a little bit of value, we’ve decided to put all of our focus on a small group of agencies and give them MAXIMUM VALUE.

That’s right.

For the next 6 months (maybe more) all of our client introductions, all of our RFP/project opportunities, all of website traffic, all of our promotional channels… EVERYTHING will be aimed at just 200 agencies.
We’re so serious about this big move that we’ve closed registration for all of our other programs and platforms and have merged all of our existing agency partners to this one program.  

The VIP Partner Program is the ONLY agency offering we now provide.

“ Puddding has been a fantastic source of high-quality leads for our content marketing agency. “ 
Why would we do this? Why would we focus all of our resources on less than 2% of the fantastic network we’ve built?

It’s simple really. We sincerely want to serve marketing agencies at the highest level possible; and we know that requires FOCUS.

Rather than impacting thousands of agencies just a little bit - we want to deliver HUGE value to just a handful of agencies.

And we want your agency to be one of them!

Are you with me?

Are you hungry to grow your agency and to serve more clients with your expert skills?
“ You guyz are great to work with. The leads are qualified and ready to go. Truely the Proof is in the Pudding 😉 “ 
247 Labs
Let me explain to you how we’re going to help your agency grow by using the #1 secret weapon for agency sales.

But before we do that, let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room…

Sales is HARD!
Especially agency sales.

It doesn't matter if your agency specializes in…
  • Social Media Management
  • ​Branding & Logo Design
  • SEO
  • ​Website Development
  • Package Design
  • ​Digital Advertising
  • Mobile App Development
  • ​Video Production
… selling your agency’s unique skills can be really difficult.

I know the pain of agency sales because I’ve been there too.

I started a website development agency right after I graduated from University (I actually started it while I was still in school… but that’s a different story).

Like most agency owners, I was the lead salesperson and my sales funnel was driven entirely by referrals. We did great work and the referrals kept flooding in. 
I thought I had the perfect funnel! Or did I!? 
After three years we took a deep look at our progress. Despite the hard work and steady sales our revenues had plateaued. We weren’t growing.

It felt like we were getting somewhere, but the numbers showed us that we were STUCK. It was FRUSTRATING.

So we did some further analysis and identified the problem - SALES. That was a tough pill to swallow, since sales was MY responsibility. I was the cause of our flat-lined revenues.

Our sales process was terribly inefficient. Because we weren’t being intentional about the types of leads we attracted, I was being pulled in a million different directions.

Each new sale lead represented;
  • A new industry that I had to learn.
  • A new product I had to architect.
  • A new process the dev team had to create.
Our sales funnel was broken.
It was NOT scalable - or sustainable.
(and it was my fault... GULP!)
But I didn’t know what to do. I spent many sleepless nights asking myself; 
  • How do I break out of this hamster wheel sales cycle?
  • ​Where can I find qualified leads that take less effort to close?
  • ​How can I remove myself from the sales process, but still close deals?
Until… we accidentally uncovered the secret weapon that changed everything.

The first pivotal moment came when we decided to focus on a niche. We analyzed our portfolio and noticed that we had completed quite a few pharmacy websites.

So we decided to be intentional and target pharmacies directly, rather than depending on referrals. And that led to our big discovery…

As we were calling Pharmacists to pitch our solution we started to see a trend.

We would get the Pharmacy owner on the phone for our pitch. I would always start off with small talk and would often mention the latest pharmacy websites we were working on - then we’d launch right into our full pitch… the benefits, features… the whole enchilada!
And, 9 times out of 10, they would interrupt us
within 10 minutes and say… “let’s go for it”!
Just like that. They didn’t need us to explain the details or to build trust. They just wanted to know the price and what the next steps were.

That’s when it hit me...
We discovered that the secret
to super efficient agency sales is STORIES.
All we had to do was share stories of how we had delivered value for other pharmacies that had the same need as they did. When we did that, it attracted our perfect client - and they were ready to buy before they even heard our sales pitch. They trusted the results.

It’s simple, really...
PAST success is the absolute best indicator of FUTURE performance.
The PROOF is in the puddding!
(Ha, see what I did there?)
Right after that ah-ha moment we immediately integrated stories into the very top of our sales funnel. Our outreach program would include case studies and detailed examples from our pharmacy portfolio.

The end result? I was able to step out of the sales process, we converted hundreds of pharmacies to use our service (many without even a phone call), we closed a deal with a major national Pharmacy chain and ultimately sold the book of accounts for a respectable sum.

Without using stories to sell, none of that would have been possible.
But we didn’t stop using stories after we sold our dev business.
For 6+ years we’ve continued to use stories as the cornerstone to our marketing brokerage.
  • We attract brands by using stories in our showcase and case study search engine
  • ​We generate agency strength profiles based on the stories in their portfolio
  • We use AI (based on stories) to match brand projects with qualified agencies
We’ve incorporated everything we know about stories into the Puddding platform and the VIP Partner program.
Now, if you’re a smart marketer (and you are); you’re probably saying to yourself…

“ I’m a marketer.
My trade is storytelling.
I already know about the power of stories.
You aren't telling me anything I don't already know. ”

Of course you already know this. But…

Sometimes, especially in a crazy busy agency, you can easily become the shoemaker whose children have no shoes. You know the right things to do - but those important things get neglected.

“ Our agency, has benefited tremendously from our relationship with Puddding and we highly recommend it to anyone looking for qualified leads. “ 
How are you currently using stories in your sales funnel?
If you're like most agencies you have an “our work” section on your website. That section contains a handful of case studies that are several months (if not years) old , they don’t have any metrics - and the only people to read them are your Mom and the occasional prospect that you send a direct link to.

Take a minute to consider what if…
  • What if… you had a huge collection of stories that reflected/proved your niche skills and expertise.
  • ​What if… thousands of potential clients could read your stories and in turn, discover your agency?
  • What if… you had a process so that every new project or campaign automatically became a story for your sales funnel?
Would you attract more clients?

Would they be clients that are a perfect match for your skills?

Would that grow your agency (the right way)?
The VIP Partner Program is specifically designed to help your agency harness the power of stories to optimize your sales funnel.
Oh… and we also hand you new leads and opportunities every week!
Myself and the team at Puddding are hyper focused on helping 200 agencies crush their growth goals over the next 6 months (or more) through the power of stories.

That’s why we’ve taken all of the different services that we have offered agencies over the last several years and bundled them together into the VIP PARTNER PROGRAM - all in service of making it SUPER easy for your agency to capture and promote your stories, get qualified leads… and CLOSE DEALS.

Here’s what every single one of our VIP Agency Partners receives…

“ Puddding has a refreshing motivation to helping us agencies.  They're motivated to ensure it's a right fit and connection.  “ 

Puddding Pro

(Value: $397/month)

Our original partner program (which is no longer publicly available) allows agencies to have a 10X presence throughout the Puddding web properties.
  • Enhanced Profile Page
    Your puddding.com profile page has more info, direct backlinks and extra story showcase features.

  • ​Unlimited Published Stories
    You can publish an unlimited number of stories to your profile.

  • Enhanced Directory Listing
    Your agency is listed at the top of directory searches and your profile has a VIP Partner badge.

  • Top50AdAgencies.com Listing
    Your agency is listed on Top50AdAgencies.com above all other non-partner agencies.

  • Agencystories.com Listing
    All of your published stories are promoted on the puddding.com showcase and the agencystories.com search engine above non-partner agencies.

  • Direct Contact Form
    Contact submissions on your profile page go directly to you.
** All of these features are exclusive to VIP Partners and are no longer being offered publicly.

Onboarding Assist

(Value: $997 One-time)

The Puddding team will work with you to ensure that your public profile, directory listing and stories are complete and look AMAZING.
  • Profile Branding
    Puddding experts will update your logo, locations and full profile details to ensure your listing is accurate and complete.

  • ​Story Publishing
    Our trained team will post up to 15 of your existing stories (case studies), including any design or copywriting edits that are required in order to match the Puddding format.

  • Ongoing Support & Training
    Our knowledgeable team will train you so that you can make ongoing updates to your account, view opportunities and publish new stories.

Project Board

(Value: Priceless)

Every week businesses and brands post their projects and RFP opportunities to the Puddding project board.

Additionally, using robots and manual processes, the Puddding team scrapes the web and social channels to find new RFPs and other publicly posted project opportunities.

The end result is a private project board that currently contains at least $8 Million in active opportunities (and will continue to grow in size).

Each week you and your agency team receive an email that contains the latest (and expiring) opportunities.

Even more amazing - the opportunities are scored based on how well they match your agency skills and expertise (based on your stories); so you know which opportunities are worth your time and attention.

All opportunities on the board are only accessible to the 200 VIP Partners.

**All projects are subject to our standard brokerage fees.

Premium Introductions

(Value: Even more Priceless)

Brokered introductions are the core to the Puddding service. Many brands and businesses engaged in our “Agency Search” service.

The Puddding team qualifies and works closely with these businesses as they seek to find their perfect agency.

As a VIP Partner your agency will be matched with all incoming Search Requests.

If you are amongst the top ranked agencies, you will be invited to express your interest in the opportunity - and if the brand selects you, you will be connected directly with the client for a discovery/introductory meeting.

Introductions are only accessible to the 200 VIP Partners (unless there are not enough high score matches within the VIP program, and then other network agencies will be considered).

** All brokered introductions are subject to our standard brokerage fees.
VIP Partnership
Puddding Pro
Value: $397/Month
  • Enhanced Profile Page
  • ​Unlimited Published Stories
  • Enhanced Directory Listing
  • ​​Top50AdAgencies.com Listing
  • ​​Agencystories.com Listing
  • ​Direct Contact Form
Onboarding Assist
Value: $997
  • Profile Branding
  • ​Story Publishing
  • Ongoing Support & Training
Project Board
(Value: Priceless)
  • Access to 8M in leads and opportunities
  • ​Weekly emails alerts and reminders
  • ​Score reflecting match to your agency skills
Premium Introductions
(Value: Even more Priceless)
  • High quality introductions to brands
  • Leads matched perfectly to your agency
  • ​Fully managed intro and follow-up feedback loop
Are you asking yourself…
"Sounds REALLY good, but what’s the Catch?"
I can assure you, there is NO CATCH!

I know that you have a lot of options for where to promote your agency. There are hundreds of directories, gurus and services out there; and most of them charge a lot more than we do - for a lot less value.

We have similar traffic and deal flow as they do - but the reason that our price is so low - is simple. Our goal is different.

We’re not just about impressions, clicks or traffic… we’re not even all about leads. Our goal for you is CLOSED DEALS.

We know that when you succeed, we succeed too!
“ Puddding has helped our agency build momentum by providing strong, quality leads and coordinating powerful introductions to companies  
Time is of the essence!
This is a limited time offer, with limited spots.
The VIP program will only be offered until the 200 spots are taken. There will be no exceptions.

Once we close registration, we will be entirely focused on our VIP Partners and will not be offering any other programs or accepting any other VIP members. And we won’t be opening registration again for at least 6 months - or maybe more. The doors will not be opened again until we are fully satisfied that our original 200 VIP Partners have been given MAXIMUM VALUE!

We expect registration to close quickly. Because of the size of our network (10,000+) and the fact that many agencies have previously received great value in the form of introductions, RFP leads and web traffic - we expect that many agencies will register quickly so they don’t lose out.
If you made just one more deal in the next 6 months,
would that make it worth it?
I really want your agency to be included in this program, so let me make it super easy for you…

Even though I am confident that our program is 100% going to positively impact your agency - we’ll take all of the risk. Our promise to you is this;
  • There is NO COMMITMENT: You can leave the program at any time.

  • ​We offer a FULL REFUND: In the unlikely event you decide to leave the VIP program, just request it and we will refund your last monthly payment with no questions asked.
With That Said,
Here’s What To Do Next…
From here, we just need you to provide your agency and payment information on the form below. That will hold your spot in the VIP Partner Program.

Once you sign up, you’ll hear from our welcome team in short order and they will walk you through the onboarding process.

I look forward to working with you.

Together we’re going to crush your agency growth goals!

In service,

Jeremy Laidlaw

Ps. Did you just skip to the bottom of the page to see what the #1 secret weapon was? It’s STORIES, of course!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this really limited to just 200 agencies?
A: Yes. We are only accepting 200 agencies to the program. There will be no exceptions.
Q: How long will you limit access?
A: We won’t be reopening registration again for at least 6 months - or maybe more. We won’t accept new VIP Partners until we are fully satisfied that our original 200 VIP members have been given MAXIMUM VALUE!
Q: This is a monthly fee, what if I want to stop?
A: Yes, the VIP Partner Program is a monthly subscription, but there is NO COMMITMENT. You can stop at any time; and if you do choose to leave - at your request we will refund your last month’s subscription - no questions asked.
Q: What If I'm Not Satisfied With the results?
A: While I’m certain that won’t be the case; if you don’t find the VIP Partner Program valuable; you can leave at any time and at your request we will refund your last month’s subscription - no questions asked.
Q: The price seems way too low. What's the catch?
A: There is no catch. We know that if we can help a small group of agencies be super successful - we will be successful too!
Q: Who is this program for?
A: The VIP Partner program is for marketing agencies of all types and sizes that are eager to grow their business by harnessing the power of stories in their sales funnel.
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